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Precise evaluation and management of uneven pupil sizes
for improved visual symmetry.

Importance of Addressing Anisocoria

Anisocoria refers to an unequal pupil size between the two eyes. While it may not always be a cause for concern, anisocoria can sometimes indicate an underlying medical condition or injury that requires attention. Proper evaluation and management of anisocoria are essential to determine the cause, prevent potential complications, and safeguard your eye health.

Understanding Anisocoria

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Professional Evaluation for Anisocoria

If you notice unequal pupil sizes or have any concerns about anisocoria, it is essential to seek professional evaluation. Request an appointment with KTB Eye Associates to have your condition assessed by our skilled ophthalmologists. We will conduct a comprehensive examination, determine the cause of your anisocoria, and recommend appropriate treatment or further investigations, if necessary. Take action towards preserving your eye health and request an appointment today.”

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