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Specialized diagnostics and personalized management for
various retinal conditions.

Importance of the Retina

The retina is a crucial part of the eye responsible for capturing light and transmitting visual signals to the brain. It plays a vital role in clear and sharp vision. Maintaining a healthy retina is essential for optimal visual function and overall eye health.

Understanding the Retina

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Retinal Evaluation

If you have concerns about your retina, including symptoms like vision changes, flashes, floaters, or have been diagnosed with a retinal condition, it is crucial to seek professional evaluation. Request an appointment with KTB Eye Associates to have your retina thoroughly evaluated by our specialized ophthalmologists. We will perform comprehensive tests, diagnose your condition, and develop a personalized treatment plan utilizing the latest advancements in retinal care. Take the first step towards preserving your vision—schedule an appointment today and receive specialized care for your retinal needs.

shutterstock 1586570764
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